Bring your old web site up to date


Of all of the errors that can be made on the internet, few are more off putting than obviously out of date information
Maintaining an up to date web site requires access to processes that enable the content to changed. If information on the site is dated, visitors will leave quickly and opportunities will be lost. The time required to maintain interesting and relevant information should be mostly about preparing that information and not about how the content is updated.
ll of our web sites have the ability to be updated using a word processing style interface that means that you do not need to know how to code the language of the web

Here are some things to consider.

Site Promotion?

Include the web address on all office stationery. This includes business cards, letterhead, invoices and brochures.
Have a look at

Target the content and design to the intended audience

know your customers. Who are you trying to attract to your site? What is the message that you wish to promote?

Is the site tired?

Content needs to be succinct, relevant and interesting. It also should be presented in a way that differentiates and enhances your product or service. If the content remains static there is little incentive for the visitor to return. Look at your site from the perspective of a potential customer. What are the benefits for the visitor? Out of date information and/or links that no longer work quickly put off a visitor.

Would you like a review of your web site?

We will talk to you about what you expect fom your web site and the look at your site objectively and make recommendations that we think will enhance it's usefulness. Why not call us on 0410 468 795 for an obligation free chat about what you want and where you want the web to take you? You will get our thoughts on what is practical and we get to understand more about what web sites need to be able to do. (win/win situation).

A new CMS based site can be designed and set up quickly. (less than a week) Existing content can be transferred to the new site. However, it is wise to revisit the content and ensure that it is really what is wanted on the new site. Also, Existing design features can be used to retain the same look and feel within the site.

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