Search Engine Management

search engine optimisation

It is a mistake to think that search engines are the only way that people will get to know about your site. However, they may be an important option in your marketing strategy.
There are two commonly used terms which, at first, may appear confusing

Search engine Optimisation (SEO)
Search engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the process of optimising the presentation of content of your website in order to increase its search engine ranking. This includes

  • Selecting keywords and ensuring that they are used appropriately within the page content.
  • Ensuring that links both internal and external work as expected.

Search engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is a broader process and includes other actions that may be taken to increase a site's rank. Such actions can include

  • External advertising of the site to encourage visitors
  • Encouraging external links from appropriate sources
  • Paying search engines to list highly based on certain keywords

Whatever actions are taken to encourage preferential listing by search engines, it is important to understand that it needs to be an ongoing monitored activity. Also, once a visitor arrives at the site, the content must be sufficiently compelling to encourage them to take whatever action is required to conclude the business.

GoWide can provide assistance with optimising your site and advice on steps that can be taken to ensure that the public get to know about your website.