Intranet based aplications

Intranet based aplications

It is common to view the internet solely as a tool for providing information about product or services available to the public. In fact it can be much more. Indeed, a site can be set up with restricted access depending on the authorisation level of a logged in user.

A web application is

The chief benefit gained from moving to an internet/intranet based application is that the application becomes available on any computer attached to the network. This means that more than one person can use the application at the same time. The application itself is only installed on one server. Thus all data is stored in one place. Software upgrades are only required to be applied once.

Heavy plant maintenance application

GoWide has recently built a maintenance application to keep track of service requirement and costs for a company involved in heavy machinery hire. The application provides up to date information on hours worked, next service due, down time and maintenance for any machine. It provides monthly summaries on hours of operation and hourly fuel usage and cost in tabular and graphed formats by machine.


  • Web applications are simple to deploy. A compatible web browser is all that is needed on the client computer.
  • Browser based applications require minimal processing power on the client computer.
  • Upgrades enhancements and bug fixes are made on the server and automatically delivered to all users.
  • Web applications can access email to provide notifications and alerts.
  • Provide can operate on many platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android) because they operate within a web browser.
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