GoWide Glossary

(Bitmap) A format for storing images.


In web terms: A link to a particular web site, stored (bookmarked) by a web user for future use and easy access.


A fast web connection. To use a road analogy, a telephone line modem connection is like a country lane, ADSL is like a major road and cable is like a freeway.


Term to describe a users movement across the web, moving from page to page via hyperlinks, using a web browser. (See Web Browser).


The software on your computer which allows you to view a web site i.e., Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.


In web terms: A web browser or web server feature which stores copies of web pages on a computers hard disk.

Case Sensitive

A term used to describe if it is of importance to use upper or lower case letters.

Client-side programs

A program that runs on the client side as apposed to a server-side program. Javascript is a common language that provides this ability.


(Content Management System) - This refers to the ability for web site owners to update the content of their sites independantly.

Computer Virus

A computer program that can harm a computer by displaying messages, deleting files, or even destroying the computers operating system.

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