GoWide Glossary

The practice of making websites usable by all including those with disabilities.


(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) A special type of DSL line where the upload speed is different from the download speed.


Advertising product developed by Google. The adverts are generally displayed in the search engine or website as sponsored links. Each time a User clicks on the advert the site owner pays. Called pay-per-click advertising.


(Asynchronous Javascript and XML) - Processing which refreshes parts of a page without having to reload the whole page.

Anti-Virus Program

A computer program made to discover and destroy all types of computer viruses.


An open source web server. Mostly for Unix, Linux and Solaris platforms.


In web terms: the method used to verify the identity of a user, program or computer on the web.


A measure for the speed (amount of data) you can send through an Internet connection. The more bandwidth, the faster the connection.

Banner Ad

A (most often graphic) advertisement placed on a web page, which acts as a hyperlink to an advertisers web site.


(Short for web log) - The facility to allow visitors to leave feedback which becomes available to other visitors.

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