Go-Wide Features

Visitor Comment

Any page can be nominated to have a contact form at the foot of the page. This enables you to invite your visitors to comment on what they have Read more »

Contact forms

Our contact forms provide protected access to permit your visitors to contact you. Your email address will only be visible if you wish it to be. This helps to reduce Read more »

Dynamic menus

The menu system for the site is dynamically produced based on the pages that the visitor is authorised to view. Whenever a new page is created or a page Read more »

Authentication and Authorisation

Pages can be made available only to visitors who are logged in. This provides the ability to have content that can only be viewed by registered visitors or even Read more »

Date Dependant content

Content can be added to be displayed only during a specified time period. This enables content for special events such as conferences and conventions to be placed on the Read more »

Product showcase

Our product showcase provides a flexible way to showcase your product offerings. Product can be split into categories and displayed in list form showing short descriptions and thumbnail images. Clicking Read more »

Gallery to display photographs and images

Our sites provide the ability to upload images display them in a gallery. Read more »


The importance of catching and then retaining a visitors interest is very important. Polls are one way to invite visitors to become involved provide a mechanism for measuring their Read more »